Because more equal societies work better for everyone



  • Duncan Exley

    Executive Director

    Duncan Exley is Executive Director of the Equality Trust. Duncan was previously Director of Campaigns at FairPensions (now ShareAction). Duncan has also worked for the Ramblers and London Cycling Campaign.

  • John Hood

    Media and Communications Manager

    John Hood is Media and Communications Manager at the Equality Trust. John previously worked at the Liberal Democrats' Policy and Research Unit. 

  • Tim Stacey

    Senior Policy and Research Advisor

    Tim Stacey is Senior Policy and Research Advisor at the Equality Trust. Tim holds an MSc in Policy Research from the University of Bristol. Tim previously worked at the Joint Public Issues Team for the Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed Churches.

  • Bill Kerry

    Supporters and Affiliated Groups Manager

    Bill is a co-founder of The Equality Trust and works for the Trust part-time, looking after our network of supporters and autonomous local groups. Bill has written and blogged for various organisations including Oxfam and the pressure group Compass. Prior to the launch of the Trust, Bill worked as a Company Secretary across the private, charitable and social enterprise sectors, a role he now performs for the Trust as well. 

  • Jo Wittams

    Finance and Administration Officer

    Jo is part-time Finance and Operations Officer for the Equality Trust, having previously worked with The Judith Trust. Jo is also a Breastfeeding Counsellor and holds an MSc in Gender Studies.

  • Lucy Shaddock

    Policy and Campaigns Officer

    Lucy Shaddock is Policy and Campaigns Officer at the Equality Trust. She holds an MSc in Public Policy from University College London and previously worked at the Institute for Government.

  • Sean Baine

    Chair of Board

    Sean Baine is Chair of the Board. 

  • Kate Pickett

    Co-founder and Board member

    Kate trained in biological anthropology at Cambridge, nutritional sciences at Cornell and epidemiology at UC-Berkeley, and is currently Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. She co-founder of The Equality Trust and is co-author of The Spirit Level, and fellow of the RSA. Her research focuses on the social determinants of health, particularly the influences of such factors as income inequality, social class, neighborhood context and ethnic density on such varied outcomes as mortality and morbidity, teenage birth, violent crime, obesity, social mobility and health-related behaviors.

  • Richard Wilkinson

    Co-founder and board member

    Richard has played a formative role in international research on the social determinants of health and on the societal effects of income inequality. He studied economic history at LSE before training in epidemiology. He is Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham Medical School, Honorary Professor at UCL and a Visiting Professor at the University of York. Richard co-wrote The Spirit Level with Kate Pickett which won the 2011 Political Studies Association Publication of the Year Award and the 2010 Bristol Festival of Ideas Prize. Richard is also a co-founder of The Equality Trust. 

  • Cathy Debenham

    Board Member

    Cathy Debenham is founder and director of YouGen, an organisation that helps people to make heir homes more energy efficient, and aims to build a UK where local power generation from renewable sources is the norm. 

  • Judith Moran

    Board member

    Judith Moran is the Director of Quaker Social Action, an East London charity which supports people on a low income to find solutions to the issues affecting their lives.

  • Tom Powdrill

    Board member

    Tom is responsible investment co-ordinator at the International Transport Workers’ Federation. This is a recently created post to support trade union work in the capital markets in Europe. Prior to this he was Head of Communications at PIRC, and previously was a senior policy officer at the Trades Union Congress.

  • Zoe Williams

    Board member

    Zoe Williams has been a columnist on the Guardian since 2000 - previously, she wrote a column for the London Evening Standard.  She has appeared on various current affairs and discussion shows and written for a load of magazines. She was 2013's Print Journalist of the Year for the Speaking Together Media Awards, 2011's Columnist of the Year at the Workworld awards and is the author of one non-fiction book, Bring It On, Baby, about the politicisation of motherhood.