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Green Party commits to radical wage differential policy

22 February 2010

We are delighted to report that the Green Party Spring Conference, held over the recent weekend, passed resolution WR362 overwhelmingly. It reads as follows:

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"Recognising that income inequality underlies and fuels most of the social problems confronting us in Britain today we propose
that in all undertakings, the maximum wage paid to any member of staff should
not exceed ten times that paid (pro rata) to the lowest paid worker. In
addition, no member of staff in an organisation should receive an annual bonus
exceeding the annual wage of the lowest paid worker in that

This is encouraging news. We already know that the three main parties are addressing the issue of inequality and you can find out more about how they intend to do this on the One Society website.

It is becoming clear to us that there is increasing recognition that the only fundamental and far-reaching way to improve our society is to tackle the UK's chronic inequality, our yawning and shameful gap between rich and poor. The Equality Trust calls on all political parties to prioritise this issue and to continue to place it centre stage in the forthcoming general election campaign.