Because more equal societies work better for everyone

The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone

The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, a book published in hardback by Penguin in March 2009 and paperback in February 2010. An updated paperback version was published in November 2010.The Spirit Level won the 2010 Bristol Festival of Ideas Prize and the 2011 Political Studies AssociationPublication of the Year Award.

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The Spirit Level is available from many independent booksellers and public libraries. 

International editions of The Spirit Level 

 Brazil  To be confirmed  Record  In preparation
 China  To be confirmed  Xinhua Publishing  In preparation
 Czech Republic To be confirmed  Grimmus In preparation
 Denmark To be confirmed  Informations Forlag In preparation
 Finland  To be confirmed  Helsingin Sanomat Books  In preparation
 Germany  Gleichheit ist Gluck: Warum gerechte gersellschaften fur alle besser sind  Haffmans & Tolkemitt Verlag  Published
 Greece  To be confirmed  Isideris  In preparation
 Italy  La Misura dell'Anima: perche le diseguaglianze rendono le societa piu infelici  Feltrinelli  Published
 Japan  The Spirit Level: Why more equal societies almost always do better  Toyo Kazai  Published
 Korea  To be confirmed  E-WHO  In preparation
 Latvia  To be confirmed  Zvaigzne  In preparation
 Norway  Ulikhetens pris: Hvorfor likere fordeling er bedre for alle  Res Publica  Published
 Poland  Duch równości Tam gdzie panuje równość wszystkim żyje się lepiej Wydawnictwo Czarna Owca  Published
 Portugal  O Espirito da Igualdade: por que razao sociedades main igualitarias funcionam quase sempre melhor  Presença  Published
 Slovenia To be confirmed  Penca In preparation
 Spain  Desigualdad: un analisis de la (in)felicidad colectiva  Turner  Published
 Sweden  Jamlikhets Anden: Darfor ar mer jamlika samhallen nastan alltid battre samhallen  Karneval Forlag  Published
 Turkey  Su Terazisi: esitligin artmasi toplumlari nasil guclendiriyor  BZD / Optimist  Published
 USA   The Spirit Level: Why greater equality makes societies stronger  Bloomsbury   Published         
 Yemen  To be confirmed  Yemen Books  In preparation


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