Dr Sara Bailey

Senior Research Officer

Sara joined The Equality Trust in February 2021 to run participatory research projects on COVID-19 and young people's employment rights. Sara holds a PhD in the sociology of human rights from the University of Essex’s Human Rights Centre, where she conducted research into the extent to which economic and social rights can tackle structural socio-economic inequalities.

Before joining The Equality Trust, Sara worked as a researcher in the areas of inequalities, poverty and human rights for the University of Bath and several NGOs and international organisations including: Sustain - the alliance for better food and farming, the United Nations Development Programme, and UN Women. She has also published in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Sara is committed to methodological approaches which emphasise equity, collaboration and reciprocity in the undercovering of knowledge, and which ensure that the knowledge of marginalised individuals and communities remains central to the conversation. Sara is also a Human Rights Advisor on the University of Bath’s ‘Social Mobilisation for Social Policy’ project, where she contributes to the ethics and safeguarding components of the project.