November is Equal Pay Month

The gender pay gap means that comparing men and women’s pay, women stop being paid sometime in November. After that date women are effectively working for free because of the gender pay gap.  This day is referred to as Equal Pay Day and it is a different day each year depending on the actual pay gap that year.

Every year in November, our friends at the Fawcett Society mark ‘Equal Pay Day’ and they will be leading on doing that again this year. However, as we approach next May’s 50th anniversary of the passage of the Equal Pay Act 1970, we are urging our supporters to get active throughout the month of November.

Things you can do:

  • Post links to our campaign on your social media (please use the hashtag: #EqualPay50).
  • Write to your local paper (download our report 'From Pin Money to Fat Cats, Pay Inequality in the FTSE 100'  for all the facts and figures you need)
  • Organise a meeting in your community or give a presentation to a local group (think about who might be interested in this, women’s student, political and trade union groups might all be interested).
  • Try to get a discussion going at work, better still arrange a lunchtime meeting, we can provide a presentation and speakers notes (if you are in a trade union, or staff association, ask for their support to organise this).
  • Organise a leafleting session, either on a high street (particularly good on a Saturday or by a transport hub (particularly good if you catch the busy commuter rush hour) 

For more information and to get involved email