Finance development, not dividends: challenging the rise of public-private partnerships

Finance development, not dividends: challenging the rise of public-private partnerships, our research briefing on the impacts of PPPs for inequality is available to read online.

This resource aims to simplify the issues relating to private financing and inequality, empowering both civil society and regular citizens with the knowledge to oppose the aggressive promotion of private financing both at home and abroad.

After reading the briefing you will:

  • understand the history, implications and future of private financing;
  • be equipped with the facts about the effects of privatisation;
  • have the tools to coordinate your own campaigns on PPPs and financing for development;
  • have increased your knowledge about the work of the Fight Inequality Alliance and how to join in the collective struggle to build a more equal and sustainable world.

Share this resource with CSOs, NGOs, activists, social movements, feminist organisations and trade unions working to fight inequality across Europe.

Suggested tweet:

Activists and campaigners! Check out @equalitytrust's new resource to find out how private financing increases inequality, & easy ways you can mobilise against it. Public services must work for people, not for profit. 

Finance #DevelopmentNotDividends

Public-private partnerships: for people or profit?: watch the panel discussion

The recording of our January panel event on public-private partnerships is now available to watch on YouTube.

The panel of experts includes speakers from The Equality Trust, SOAS, Christian Aid, Stamp Out Poverty, and our special guest, Luke Espiritu, a trade unionist from the Philippines.