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Financial Information

Our Pay Ratios

The Equality Trust's pay ratios are:

  • Top-to-bottom: 1.47 to 1
  • Top-to-median: 1.47 to 1

Figures are correct as of 8th Feburary 2017.


The Equality Trust's total income for 2014 was £263, 457. This came from two main sources: core funding grants from The Network for Social ChangeJoseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and The Tudor Trust and donations from organisations and individuals. All grants over £5000 are listed below. 

  • Network for Social Change: £143,841
  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust: £40,000
  • Tudor Trust: £25,000

The Equality Trust also received approximately £30,000 from its many generous supporters and donors and around £14,000 in donations for speaking engagements.

We are also grateful to the businesses who have supported us with donated services during the year, particularly Consult & Design for web and CRM development. 


Here you can download the accounts we have submitted to Companies House and, from 2015, to the Charity Commission:

Photo credit: "Cup Half Full" by Simon Holliday

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