Financial Information

Our Pay Ratios

The Equality Trust's pay ratios are:

  • Top-to-bottom: 1.99 to 1
  • Top-to-median: 1.60 to 1
  • Male-to-Female: .85 to 1 

Figures are correct as of September 2019


The Equality Trust's total income for 2018 was £229,553. This came from a mixture of sources: core funding from The Tudor Trust, and the HT & LB Cadbury Charitable Trust, alongside restricted funding from Network for Social Change, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Christian Aid, Friends Provident Foundation and Trust for London. We also received generous donations from organisations and individuals. All grants are listed below. 

The Equality Trust also received just over £88,000 from its many generous supporters and donors, including through our second matched funding appeal via The Big Give - through which we raised £35,760 to continue our work with young people. This total included Champion funding from Four Acre Trust. We also hugely appreciate the long-running support from Rainbow Pie who donate 5% of takings each month. 

We are also grateful to the businesses and organisations who have supported us with donated services during the year, including Slack, Google Apps for Non-ProfitsVoipfone and Leave Wizard


Here you can download the accounts we have submitted to Companies House and, from 2015, to the Charity Commission:

Photo credit: "Cup Half Full" by Simon Holliday