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Group News: Starting in Cambridge the local group has unveiled its hugely impressive and revamped speaker initiative entitled imagine2027 which starts with Prof. Danny Dorling on 19th October. You can follow it all on twitter as well. Not far away, Colchester group continues to reach out into its community focusing particularly on links with trade unions and the Living Wage campaign as can be seen from their excellent twitter feed

Down in the capital, My Fair London have published their excellent recent response to the Mayor's Good Work Standard which you can read here and which is part of their ongoing work to influence the Mayor and his team to take action against inequality. Moving further west, the Swindon group has contributed another article to the local Swindon Link magazine, this time about the housing crisis which looms very large in Swindon as it does in nearly every part of the UK. And nearby in Hampshire, the local group has announced a high-profile lecture on 8th November by Prof. John Micklewright which will seek to answer the question posed by the late, great Tony Atkinson: Inequality: What Can Be Done?

Further north, in Oswestry the group has been promoting the new Al Gore film and stressing the links between climate change and inequality. More locally, in addition to its ongoing work on homelessness and other issues, the group has also been meeting with a new initiative called Youth Employment Standards Shrewsbury which aims to prevent exploitation of young people in employment in the area. And up in Manchester, the North West group is working with the Royal College of Nursing on their Your Story, Your Legacy event (17th October, Martin Luther King Building, Albert Dock, 9.30am start) which has a human rights, equality and diversity focus. Our Executive Director, Dr Wanda Wyporska, has been invited as a panellist.

New Groups: We are currently advising potential new start up groups in Derbyshire and the North East. If you live in these areas and want to get involved, please contact Bill Kerry for further details.

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Group News: Starting in Colchester the local group has been presenting Spirit Level and other evidence about inequality to local trade unionists, all of which was well received. In the capital, My Fair London have submitted their proposals for what should be included in the Mayor of London's Good Work Standard as well as planning a busy autumn schedule of activities. Further west, the Swindon group continue to contribute articles to the local Swindon Link online publication and are turning their attention to the pressing issue of our dysfunctional housing market this autumn. The group has also been promoting this worthwhile fat cat campaign.

In focus: This month we hear from the Oswestry Equality Group who work in their community to highlight aspect of inequality and poverty and campaign for change where possible. They work across a very wide range of inequalities in a very grassroots way, for example: 

SUPPORTING the Foodbank, who have had an unprecedented demand since the start of the summer holidays.  We collected 0.7 tons of food in two days. People very generously donating food cited ‘I, Daniel Blake’, the fact that they had used Foodbanks in the past, or were so worried about their own job insecurity that they could be needing one the following week.

RESEARCHING what is happening to our local homeless people. There seems to be a lot going on behind the scenes to which we are not privy. We have also been to Shrewsbury to meet Shrewsbury Homes for All, an organisation who helps house the homeless.

CAMPAIGNING for access for the disabled at our local ‘5 star’ tourist attraction. At the moment the owner has actually stated that he thinks that the disabled are a lot of extra work with whom he can’t be bothered...... This is an on-going campaign.

RESEARCHING what has happened to young homeless adults who used to live in a supported home in Oswestry – until it closed in March.

INFORMING holding public meetings on social inequality subjects – so far this year’s have been on Soci​​al Housing, Inequality in Health and Homelessness.

RESEARCHING what has happened to the women who lived in our local Women’s Refuge which also suddenly closed in March. We are told that there is no connection with the closure of the supported home for the homeless which closed in March. In both of these cases the residents seem to have been spread all over Shropshire (a large and very rural county) in ones and twos, and thus have lost their central support.

ENGAGING people - the following four questions are being asked on postcards:

- What makes you stressed? 
- What is a good education?
- Who uses the Oswestry Foodbank?
- What makes Oswestry a good place to live in?

We are running this for 4 weeks, hoping that people will fill in the cards honestly. Replies will be collated and exhibited in the Library. We will also be having follow-up speakers.

REACHING OUT - we were involved in a Human Rights Tour this spring, plus the Oswestry Culture Fest on August 19th, which aimed to celebrate the diversity of people in Oswestry, regardless of colour, creed and sexual orientation.

LEARNING - hearing Martin Wilkinson speak about The Spirit Level at Glyndwr University, Wrexham.

SUPPORTING - by fielding a speaker (Penny Rice) alongside the Equality Trust at the Quaker Yearly Meeting 2017 and supporting possible new group developments in North Wales, Shrewsbury and Crewe & Nantwich.

New Groups: We are currently advising potential new start up groups in North Wales/Rhyl, Shrewsbury, Crewe & Nantwich, Durham, Thanet and South East London. If you live in these areas and want to get involved, please contact Bill Kerry for further details.

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