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APRIL 2018

We begin this month with excellent work by the South Wales group who contributed to a Welsh Senedd committee hearing, the result of which was a recommendation to adopt the Socio-Economic Duty (SED) in Wales. The commencement of the SED is a key campaign ask of The Equality Trust. Further east, the North Somerset group supported the Swindon group's equality event on 12th April featuring Dr. Wanda Wyporska from The Equality Trust. They are also busy contacting people to contribute to their Poverty Hearing on 18th July. The group is also lobbying locally for the Fairness Four policies as promoted by The Equality Trust. Talking of Swindon, the local group has produced a video of their successful 12th April event.  

In the capital, My Fair London is looking forward to discussing with Diane Reay (author of Miseducation) how far schools can really go in tackling economic and social inequality. And to the east, the Cambridge Commons group has kindly offered its highly successful imagine2027 speaker programme to the other Equality Trust affiliated groups. And finally, much further north, the Oswestry group continues its work to launch the Oswestry Youth Employment Standards (OYES) scheme which should launch later in the year and aims to improve the lot of young workers in the area. 

STOP PRESS: We now have 18 affiliated local groups interested in hosting events to promote the new book from Profs Wilkinson and Pickett, The Inner Level, due out on 7th June. A huge thank you to all the groups for their support.

New Groups: We are currently advising potential new start up groups in Edinburgh and Stoke. If you live in these areas and want to get involved, please contact Bill Kerry for further details.

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MARCH 2018

Starting this month in Reading, the local group held a very successful session on inequality with the local Nepalese Community Association who were particularly struck by the fact that inequality is not just a matter of 'human nature' as other countries do not suffer health and social problems to the degree that the UK does.

Further west, the North Somerset group, following a very productive meeting with the Bishop of Taunton, are working with her to organise a Poverty Hearing in one of the most deprived local ward to hear local people’s views. One outcome could be a local Fairness Commission. The group has received excellent support with this project from the nearby Swindon group who are also gearing up for their big annual event with Dr. Wanda Wyporska (12th April) as guest speaker from The Equality Trust.

To the south, Hampshire Equality Group held a lively meeting with Positive Money Southampton to watch the The Spider's Web a rather sobering new film about Britain's tax haven empire. It reinforced the idea that these structures will have to be dismantled if we are to be serious about tackling inequality.

Back in the capital, My Fair London have been busy with a talk from Larry Elliott of the Guardian and planning their next talk (10th May) with Cambridge Professor Diane Reay who will talk about class and education. They have also found time to publish an excellent briefing on Inequality and the Economy.

And finally, finishing off in the north, the Sheffield group are currently working on a project piloting a Universal Basic Income scheme but are also looking at hosting a talk around the new book from Wilkinson & Pickett (The Inner Level) via TEDx Sheffield. All our local groups are keen to get involved in promoting the new book and it will be a great opportunity to hold an event and set up new groups as well, talking of which...

New groups: We are currently advising potential start up groups in Stoke and Edinburgh. If you want to get involved, please contact Bill Kerry.

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