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APRIL 2019

Starting this month in Edinburgh, the local group has supported a number of events including one on developing human rights legislation to ensure access to health services. The group was also present for Nicola Sturgeon’s statement regarding prospects for IndyRef2 and will participate in the development of ‘citizen assemblies’, incorporating the learning from their use in Ireland. The group will also attend The Poverty and Inequality Commission annual public meeting in June to celebrate its work but also maintain pressure for more progress.

Moving south, Cumbria & Lancs, our newest local group, is looking forward to its inaugural meetings on 28th May and 3rd June. Stalwart equality campaigner and member of TET’s Speaker Network, Martin Wilkinson, is scheduled to speak at the May event with details for June to be confirmed.

Much further south and west, Equality Bristol attended the Our Data Bristol - Empowering and Caring event on 29th April hosted by the council's Innovation and Sustainability team and bringing together stakeholders from across Bristol to consider how data and information can help tackle inequality and poverty issues. A bit further east, the Swindon group are gearing up for their first Conversation Café event on 13th June which aims to involve the local community in discussing what can be done to tackle inequality and related issues in the area.

Moving south, the Hampshire group is working on an online survey to test the extent of public knowledge about the unequal distribution of wealth and to canvas views on what would be a fair distribution. The group aims to promote it widely on social media and via TET and its local groups network.

And finally this month, My Fair London are continuing their speaker programme with well-known speakers being lined up for the next six months. The Fairness Fifteen campaign also continues with the group looking to use the Freedom of Information Act for borough councils which are slow to respond. The group is also organising a workshop to develop their manifesto for next year’s Mayoral election and plans to publish a new edition of their paper on inequality and housing.

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MARCH 2019

This month we start in the capital where My Fair London are looking forward to 2nd April and hearing from City University Sociologist, Jo Littler, who will talk about her book Against Meritocracy: culture, power and myths of mobility, booking details here.

Heading west, the Swindon group are looking forward to seeing Professor Richard Wilkinson talk about The Inner Level at the Swindon Spring Festival on 8th May, booking details here. And on Thursday 13th June, the group will hold its first Conversation Café on the topic of economic inequality and what can be done in Swindon to tackle it (further details to be announced). And still in the west country, the Dorset group are working on an autumn event (details to be announced) and exploring new campaigning opportunities from the reorganisation of the existing district councils into two large unitary authorities, including the possibility of a few group members standing as candidates.

Further north, our affiliate in Northampton (the Hope Centre) has been very active in drawing attention to the deaths of homeless people in the town, running a vigil in parallel to similar events in London and Manchester and aligning to national action from the Bureau of Investigative journalism and publication of new research from University College London. This received good media attention which highlighted that every death was premature and preventable.

Over in Crewe & Nantwich, our affiliated local group, represented by the local Quaker meeting, have been testing a survey that poses questions about people’s lifestyle and sustainability issues. We hope to be able to share more details about this once it’s been through the testing phase.

And finally, in Cambridge, the local group is inviting a number of guest speakers to give brief talks followed by Q&A sessions. First up are David Kidston and Helen Crowther who will speak on 5th June about the local council’s anti-poverty strategy and living wage campaign. Also, the Conversations sub-group has an online survey asking What's important to you about living in Cambridge? What's your experience of what's fair (or not) in the city?  The survey is going well and will be augmented when the group hits the streets on Saturday the 13th April to raise awareness and collect more opinions about inequality in Cambridge.

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