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MAY 2017

The groups continue to focus on election campaigning up to 8th June and are lobbying local candidates with our Manifesto for a Fairer Society. Attention after the election will switch to our Annual Activists and Local Groups' Day on Saturday 1st July which is shaping up to be our biggest and best yet.

In other group news, My Fair London is looking forward to hosting a public meeting on Thursday 15th June with inequality campaigners Chuck Collins and Sarah Anderson from the US, who are long-time allies of The Equality Trust. The event and booking details are here

To the west, in Swindon, the local group are continuing with their articles for the local magazine Swindon Link and have also published the presentation by Stewart Lansley made at the end of March. On June 29th, at the Swindon Business Show, the group will be promoting the Pay CompareLiving Wage and Fair Tax Mark campaigns under the general heading of ethical business practice.

Over the border and into Wales, the South Wales group is presenting to the National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers conference in Wrexham on 9th June and we hope this might lead to a North Wales group to spread the egalitarian message even further in Wales. 

And finally, in Oswestry, the local group has a busy summer lined up: a 15th June meeting to hear about the work of the Shrewsbury Ark homelessness charity, a 5th July a screening of The Divide documentary and on 19th August contributing to the Oswestry CultureFest. The group is also looking at doing its own version of the postcard and online survey pioneered by the Sheffield group for their local Festival of Debate 2017 (in which the Sheffield group is very active). 

New Groups: We are currently advising potential new start up groups in Rhyl, Durham, Shrewsbury and South East London. If you live in these areas and want to get involved, please contact Bill Kerry for further details.

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APRIL 2017

Many of the groups have been busy campaigning around our Fairness Four asks ahead of the upcoming local elections on 4th May with, notably, South Wales and Cambridge groups holding successful hustings events. ​Attention is also turning towards the general election and we will soon be providing the groups with a Manifesto for a Fairer Society to help them campaign.

​In other news, the Oswestry group continues with its series of successful regular public meetings, April's being addressed by the Director of Public Health for Shropshire​ (Prof. Rod Thomson) who outlined a huge range of local and national health issues. ​Further south in Swindon, the local group confirms a successful and well-attended public meeting held at the end of March with the Bishop of Swindon and economist, Stewart Lansley​, speaking. This worked well in terms of raising awareness about inequality locally and attracted new people to the group.

​Moving east, My Fair London ​welcomed the decision to reduce the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner's salary by £40k, although this still leaves Cressida Dick on £230k, almost ten times what a new police officer earns. The group is also planning towards a high-profile speaker event near the end of May. The group also continues its engagement work with the Mayor's office and the GLA and, topically for one of the most unequal cities on earth, found time to circulate this pugnacious article on the immorality of riches in the midst of poverty.

​Back in Cambridge, the local group responded to the local outbreak of Latin graffiti (!) with an excellent article linking it to inequality in the city.​ This will surely provide a talking point for the group's successful public lecture series Imagine 2027 which is due to continue later this year (after a break to for the general election). And the group's Saturday morning cafe meetings continue to do great work, the latest looking at the work of a Family Support Group in the north of ​the city that provid​es advice to those in difficulty and encourag​es community interaction​.​

​And finally, the groups are looking forward to their annual get-together at Local Groups Day on Saturday 1st July at the TET offices in London. Highlights of the day include talks from Profs Wilkinson & Pickett together with Jonathan Bartley (co-leader of the Green Party) as well as training sessions and plenty of chance to discuss current UK and world events as they relate to inequality.​

​If you are interested in coming along to learn more about local group work, please just contact Bill Kerry. ​

New Groups: We are currently advising potential new start up groups in ​Lincolnshire, ​Shrewsbury and in North Wales. ​If you live in these areas and want to get involved, please contact Bill Kerry for further details.

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