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Please note, the next local groups' bulletin will be at the end of January 2018 covering the December-January period.


Starting this month in South Wales the group is applying for funding to make a video about inequality in Swansea and then similarly in Newport. They're also arranging a discussion in Swansea about housing and inequality on 31 January, with academic Lisa McKenzie, John Puzey (head of Shelter Cymru) and another high-profile speaker (tbc). Not far away in Bristol the group welcomed the reduction in the council's top-to-bottom pay ratio (which the group has campaigned for) which from April 2018 will be less than 10:1. The group is also working with Bristol council and Hargreaves Lansdown (a major local employer) to extend the Living Wage to their respective contractors.   

A bit further east, the Swindon group has been focusing on communications with another article scheduled for the local Swindon Link online publication, a new facebook page and the development of some videos scheduled for release from January onwards. Nearby in Reading, the local group attended a meeting of a new initiative called Ethical Reading to discuss the Living Wage and to share ideas and convey new ones. 

In the capital, My Fair London hosted an event to present and discuss the new report from Emma Dent Coad, the MP for Kensington, about the Grenfell fire tragedy and the extreme inequality in the borough. The group is now planning their next event in early December with the economist and commentator, Will Hutton, about ending the mercenary society, details here. And to the east, the Cambridge group continues with its imagine2027 series with the next speaker being the economist, Kate Raworth, on her vision for a new 'doughnut' economics that seeks to move beyond the growth paradigm. And finally, up in Oswestry, the local group continues its work on the Oswestry Youth Employment Standards scheme (OYES, pronounced "Oh Yes") which is scheduled to launch in the spring next year.

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Starting this month in Cambridge, the local group continues its impressive and wide range of work as their recent newsletter shows. They also found time to write a guest blog for us. Moving on to the capital, My Fair London have been busy on various things including organising an upcoming meeting about the appalling Grenfell Fire tragedy with local Kensington MP, Emma Dent Coad. 

To the west of London, the Swindon group is beginning to look forward to it's spring meeting in 2018 and have invited our Executive Director, Dr. Wanda Wyporska, to be their keynote speaker. A bit further west, the Bristol group ​continues to attend Bristol City Council meetings to ensure that ​they and their partners are honouring their commitment to pay the real living and to reduce pay ratios. The group has also attended the recent​ Mayor​'​s annual address​ and The Festival of the Future City ​to raise the issue of inequality in the city. To the south in Dorset, the local group is gearing up to co-host with Transition Town Poole a screening of the film Demain (tomorrow) about how to work towards a sustainable future.

Over in South Wales, the group has recently made an excellent submission to Swansea Council's recent poverty consultation. The group make a strong case for reducing inequality as the best means of tackling poverty and you can read about it here. And finally, finishing off in Oswestry, the local group is planning to​wards the​ launch​ of​ the Oswestry Youth Employment Standards scheme (OYES) in the ​s​pring. This is designed to encourage good practice in applying statutory employment standards for young people. It will support both the employee and the employer.​ More immediately, the group will be attending the launch event for the roll-out of Universal Credit in the area and will doubtless make its views known. ​

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