Because more equal societies work better for everyone

Our Campaigns

A key part of how we are improving the lives of everyone in the UK, through tackling socio-economic inequality, is by campaigning for change. We would love you to join alongside those involved by taking part or supporting our work in whatever capacity you can. 

People power

  • As a delivery partner of Citizens for Financial Justice we are raising awareness of, and building civil society capacity to influence the reform of, financing for development.
  • We are building the advocacy capacity of our local groups and campaigners in London, and will be bolstering our local groups and speaker networks nationally during 2019.
  • We are working with young people, as part of our Young Equality Campaigners project - finding out what they feel isn't being said about inequality and amplifying their voices to bring about change.
  • Our Schools Resources work aims to create impactful and effective toolkits for educators, in order to facilitate meaningful discussions about socio-economic inequality in a variety of subjects.
  • Our individual manifesto suggests evidence based choices people can make every day that support inequality reduction.

Corporate power

  • Our Fair Pay Campaign is shining a spotlight on gross pay disparities evident in the FTSE 100, calling for action to reduce these and see more equitable pay distribution - with a particular focus on the gender pay gap and equal pay. 
  • Our Ownership Charter calls for greater economic democracy, as the evidence shows that this reduces socio-economic inequality and increases wellbeing.

Political power


  • We are a knowledge mobilisation theme lead on the multi-million pound Closing the Gap Network (funded by UKRI) ensuring that research findings on social determinants of inequalities for those diagnosed with severe mental illness reach practitioners.
  • We are the UK and European conveners of the Fight Inequality Alliance, which brings together grassroots organisations to tackle inequality internationally.

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