Social media volunteer

About this opportunity:

We're currently exploring different social media platforms and working towards making more interactive content to improve engagement with our online campaigning.

We would love to work with a keen social media enthusiast who can support us to map out a database of UK social media "influencers" who are interested in fighting inequality.

Role description:

  • researching online UK influencers, activists, commentators, vloggers/bloggers and celebrities (with a high-profile on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) who are interested in the topics of economic and social inequality;
  • collating a database of these high-profile influencers/celebrities 
  • work  on this remotely from wherever they choose
  • there is no specific time limit on this project, but ideally, the volunteer could offer a few hours a week in order to complete work on the database over a few months. Or, if you've got a lot of free time right now and want to get the project done faster - that is also fine!
  • There are no specific days or core hours for this volunteer role, just keep us regularly updated on how you're getting on with the project.
  • This would be a good opportunity for someone looking for volunteering that can be done remotely and based around your own schedule;
  • References are available once the project is completed to our satisfaction

Person specification:

  • A strong interest in social media and its influence in shaping political issues
  • A strong commitment to equality, diversity and social justice
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others
  • Strong IT and social media skills, especially with regards to creating a database
  • Proactive, with an appropriate level of attention to detail and the ability to plan and organise own work and use own time effectively.

To apply for this volunteering role, email with a short letter explaining how you feel you would be suited for the role.

Deadline to apply: Friday 20th September, 9:00am