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Our brand new Pay Tracker report reveals that CEOs in the UK’s top 100 companies now pocket an average of £5.3m each year, or 386 times that of a worker earning the National Living Wage.
Slides from Stewart Lansley's presentation at Local Groups Day 2016.
Living in an extremely unequal society does weird things to our perceptions of other people.
Greater economic democracy may be an important answer to economic inequality, and co-operatives are a central part of this. The Equality Trust is therefore delighted to have the following guest blog from Ed Mayo, Secretary General at Co-ops UK.
The past few weeks have seen significant political upheaval. Not only has the country voted to leave the EU, but we now have a new Prime Minister, and a leadership contest within the main Opposition party. 
The richest ten per cent of households receive nearly twice the amount of government public transport subsidy as the poorest, according to a new report from the Equality Trust.
It's a tough ask for 2016 to defend its growing reputation as 'the worst year ever', with the death of several much-loved stars and (for some people) the shock of two popular votes defying the political polls.
Unions have been in the news recently, with the Trade Union Bill currently in Parliament, and the national ‘heartunions’ campaign this week.
The Reconnected Leader: An Executive's guide to creating responsible, purposeful and valuable or
The news that Apple owes the Irish government back taxes of around 13 billion Euros has thrown tax and inequality back into the spotlight.


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