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Power and Privilege

A Perfect Union

In traditional anticipation of Valentine’s Day, the shops are full of oversized cards, overpriced chocolates and soppy sentiments. Some embrace these shows of affection; others are reluctant to take part in the annual February love-fest. For The Equality Trust, there’s no holding back. We’ll sing from the rooftops that we ‘Heart Unions’ for helping to prevent our divided nation from becoming even more unequal.

We need workers on boards, so why are business leaders stalling?

Business leaders in the UK like to suggest that they have a global internationalist outlook; that they know more about the world than those who disagree with them. But once you probe that knowledge, even the slightest bit, it seems British capitalism can be a little bit… parochial. The latest example of this is the attitude taken to suggestions that there should be employee representatives on the boards of large companies. 

The Fat Huntsman And Other Things We've Learned This Week...

August is traditionally a slow news month but there's been plenty going on this week relating to inequality - some good, some bad and some ridiculous:

1. The Duke of Westminster pulled himself up by his bootstraps: in one of the most amusing articles we've read for a long time, Charles Moore in the Telegraph tried hard to enlist our sympathies for a tear-jerking tale of triumph in the face of luck (and it only took ten centuries);

Rail Against The System: How Our Transport System Entrenches Inequality

Today new research released by the TUC has shown that rail fares have risen twice as fast as wages since 2010. For those who rely on trains to get to work each day, they will be feeling this hit as they lose more of their wages on their daily commute. This is made worse of course by the often terrible service provided by rail franchises, overseeing frequently late or cancelled trains.


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