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Social Security

Roll Up! Roll Up! Welcome To The Kickdown: how inequality protects itself

One of the major difficulties in tackling inequality is the way it coerces many people into accepting and even promoting it. In a steep social hierarchy people will often choose to shore up their own precarious social position by kicking down on poorer, weaker folk rather than challenging the richer more powerful folk above them. 

A Radical Approach to Child Poverty has to Tackle Bad Jobs

This Thursday Iain Duncan Smith will announce an update to the Government’s child poverty strategy. It’s been billed as a radical approach, but that’s rather like saying ordering a diet coke with your supersized McDonalds is a radical way to lose weight.

The measures rumoured to be included are the recycled announcement of more children getting school dinners, more food stamps and measures that will help slightly reduce poorer families’ utility bills. Not exactly ground-breaking.


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