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Social Security

One of the major difficulties in tackling inequality is the way it coerces many people into accepting and even promoting it.
This week, as free school meals for all attending infants are rolled out across the country, it’s important to question who benefits from large universal spending and who bears the brunt of the costs.
Over the weekend Nadhim Zahawi, a Conservative MP, floated the idea that child related benefits should be given for only the first two c
Today a columnist for a widely read newspaper addressing the subject of poverty in the UK wrote “where there is hunger, it is generated by bad life choices - not cruel government - compounded by a voluntary influx of migrants from some of the poorest societies on Earth”.
This is a guest blog kindly provided by Rev Paul Nicolson, the founder of Taxpayers Against Poverty, which campaigns for an affordable home and an adequate income in work or unemployment for all citizens.
Discussions of the “Squeezed Middle” have brought out all sorts of people claiming that they too feel the squeeze. A recent a
This Thursday Iain Duncan Smith will announce an update to the Government’s child poverty strategy. It’s been billed as a radical approach, but that’s rather like saying ordering a diet coke with your supersized McDonalds is a radical way to lose weight.

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