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Living Wage

The Case for a Real Living Wage

This is a guest blog kindly written by Lola McEvoy, Campaigns and Communications Manager at the Living Wage Foundation, which campaigns for the simple idea that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. 

In 2001 Citizens UK brought families in the East End of London together and asked them what issues were affecting their everyday lives – this diverse group, made up of people from many different communities all gave the same answer: low pay.

How can you make a Living Wage for all work?

The need to tackle low incomes is becoming increasingly clear to politicians of all stripes. One popular proposal to address this is to lift people from the National Minimum Wage to the Living Wage. The difficult question is how to pay for this rise. There are broadly two different approaches to this question from different ends of the political debate. One side sees government, footing the bill, the other business.


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