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Living Wage

The need to tackle low incomes is becoming increasingly clear to politicians of all stripes. One popular proposal to address this is to lift people from the National Minimum Wage to the
Saturday 18th June saw the latest annual gathering of local equality groups affiliated to The Equality Trust. The main focus for the day was about how local action can tackle inequality in a direct and practical way. 
Poverty has always been an emotive subject, conjuring images of Dickensian destitution and abject living conditions. But in recent years a different form of poverty, in-work poverty, has grown and redefined our understanding of the word’s meaning.
This is a guest blog kindly written by Lola McEvoy, Campaigns and Communications Manager at the Living Wage Foundation, which campaigns for the simple idea that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. 
Startling statistics on inequality in Britain continue to hit the headlines –from Oxfam’s revelations that the five richest families now own more wealth than the poorest 20% of the population to the TUC’s findings that 20% of UK workers earns less than the Living Wage.
Today the British Academy have published a new report suggesting nine ways that local authorities could reduce health inequalities.

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