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Executive Pay

Our brand new Pay Tracker report reveals that CEOs in the UK’s top 100 companies now pocket an average of £5.3m each year, or 386 times that of a worker earning the National Living Wage.
Today, we are launching a petition to call on the Government to introduce mandatory pay ratio reporting in the private sector. The private sector is where we have the largest pay gaps. Too many of our larger companies are paying excessive salaries at the top and poverty pay at the bottom.
Last week The Equality Trust released a short briefing note on how the government subsidises high pay by its choice of contractors.
A new survey released today by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shows that most people don’t trust their senior managers.  Only 34% of people surve
The Equality Trust welcomes initiatives to reduce inequality, so we were interested to see that a new international wage standard has been developed to encourage organisations to commit to fairer wage ratios. 
The Financial Times reported today that Theresa May’s plans to require companies to publish the pay ratio between CEOs and average workers have hit a ‘snag’.

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