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Manifesto for a Fairer Society

With the UK General Election set for 8 June, The Equality Trust has developed our Manifesto for a Fairer Society, calling for fair work, fair tax, fair chances and a fair deal for families right across our nation.

We urge all political parties to commit to the policies in our manifesto for a fairer, more equal society, and you can help achieve this.

General Election 2017: Time For Equality

The upcoming general election on the 8th of June represents a huge opportunity​ to advance the case for a more equal UK that will improve the lives of all our citizens. We will be working hard to make the most of this opportunity and we will be calling on all our wonderful supporters and local groups to help us in our efforts. 

In the meantime, you can help us lay the groundwork by supporting two of our current campaigns (many thanks if you've already done this):

Local Elections 2017: Take Action With The Fairness Four

There are crucial local and Mayoral elections coming up across the UK in May so this is an ideal time to push for some simple policies that will materially reduce inequality and improve the quality of life where you live. To help everyone take action, we have come up with four asks - The Fairness Four - that you can put to your sitting councillors and also candidates, as follows:

Voter ID Law Punishes the Poor, and Creates a Less Equal Society

This morning the Electoral commission released a report recommending that voters be required to present ID before they are allowed to vote. The Electoral Commission’s report suggests that certain areas are greatly at risk of fraud and ID requirements are needed to prevent this. The first problem with this is that evidence the Electoral Commission uses to justify this change is shockingly flimsy.


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