Because more equal societies work better for everyone


Dr. Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director of The Equality Trust, said:
With the UK General Election set for 8 June, The Equality Trust has developed our Manifesto for a Fairer Society, calling for fair work, fair tax, fair chances and a fair deal for families right across our nation.
The upcoming general election on the 8th of June represents a huge opportunity​ to advance the case for a more equal UK that will improve the lives of all our citizens.
The campaign for the UK to stay in the EU is gearing up, with the recent appointment of Stuart Rose to chair Britain Stronger In Europe, but the problems faced by “stay” campaigners are formidable, including the current
This morning the Electoral commission released a report recommending that voters be required to present ID before they are allowed to vote.
There are crucial local and Mayoral elections coming up across the UK in May so this is an ideal time to push for some simple policies that will materially reduce inequality and improve the quality of life where you live.

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