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Low Pay

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Today, we are launching a petition to call on the Government to introduce mandatory pay ratio reporting in the private sector. The private sector is where we have the largest pay gaps. Too many of our larger companies are paying excessive salaries at the top and poverty pay at the bottom. Currently, FTSE 100 CEOs are taking home around 190 times what the average UK worker makes and nearly 400 times what the lowest paid receive.

342 years for National Minimum Wage worker to earn pay of FTSE 100 CEO

Workers paid tomorrow’s raised National Minimum Wage (NMW) would have to work until September 2nd 2357 to earn the average annual pay of FTSE 100 CEOs, research conducted by The Equality Trust has revealed. While the NMW has increased by 81%[1] since its introduction, average remuneration for these CEOs has increased by 243%[2].

The Equality Trust research also found that:

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