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Measuring Inequality

Over 6.5 million households are in debt, or face the prospect of falling into debt within a month, should they lose their jobs, according to new research from The Equality Trust. Over 40 per cent of non-retired households have too little saved to pay even a month’s worth of household bills, the r
The Equality Trust has today published its annual Wealth Tracker, analysing the extreme wealth of Britain's richest people.
Many households earn too little to pay for basic necessities, and to save for an uncertain future. Over a third of households now owe more in debt that they have saved, and millions more face falling into trouble in the event of a financial shock they cannot avoid.
The Equality Trust has today published its annual Wealth Tracker.
The latest issue of Among Equals, the biannual campaign update from the Equality Trust, is now out. Download the pdf here, and please support our campaign by forwarding this email to friends. 
The Equality Trust has today published its annual Wealth Tracker. It aims to make sense of the huge increase in wealth of the richest in society by providing comparisons with recognisable household items and bills. 
Our new infographic on the National Minimum Wage, showing how it has increased compared to FTSE 100 CEO pay. Please share using the options at the bottom of this page.
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When economic growth and wealth is talked about, a simple story has taken root– London is rich, and our other regions are poor. But is this true?


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