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Business and Economy

Slides from Stewart Lansley's presentation at Local Groups Day 2016.
The value of government contracts handed to the private sector has increased dramatically over the last five years and is likely to continue growing at a rapid pace.
Max Hastings, Historian, discusses how corporations paying less than their fair share of tax are getting a free-ride.
Behavioural Economist, Cornell University, on the pressures of 'keeping up' in more unequal countries.
Ha Joon Chang, Economist, on the failures of economic theory
Min Zhu, Deputy Managing Director, IMF, on the need for a stable workforce for long-term sustainable growth, and the importance of a business culture where all workers are stakeholders and share a common goal
Alan Budd, former economic advisor to the UK Government, discusses the role of deregulation in the growth of the financial services industry and pay inequality.
Andrew Berg, International Monetary Fund, explains how more equal countries tend to have longer growth spells.
Richard Wilkinson, Author, The Spirit Level, on the need to democratise the workplace to reduce income differences before tax.
Alexis Goldstein, Former Vice President, Deutsche Bank, on the role of debt in increasing inequality


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