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The Equality Trust is one of 80 civil society organisations and academics calling on the government and Chancellor Rishi Sunak for urgent action to support households from falling into debt

Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP Chancellor of the Exchequer HM Treasury 1 Horse Guards Road London SW1A 2HQ 

Wednesday 1 April 2020 

Dear Chancellor, 

We, the undersigned leaders of civil society organisations, trade unions and community groups, academics, and policy experts call on you to take urgent and immediate action to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic deepening the debt trap faced by millions of low income households, and pushing millions more into problem debt. 

The Equality Trust Calls on the Government to Honour Commitment to Reduce Inequalities

Commenting on the Marmot Review: Ten Years On, Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director, The Equality Trust said:

“As we have known for some time and the evidence overwhelmingly proves, inequality is bad for everyone. The deep inequality now entrenched in the UK continues to rip apart the very fabric of our society. Health inequalities are some of the most widely understood and widely reported symptoms of a broken system.

The Equality Trust’s Executive Director Speaks at United Nations on UN Special Rapporteur’s UK Report

A day before the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights presents the critical findings from his UK country visit to the Human Rights Council, Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director of The Equality Trust will be part of his conversation in Geneva, with experts from UK domestic civil society and international NGOs to reflect on the current state and scale of poverty in the UK and what can be done to address the human rights violations that are both the cause as well as the consequence of poverty.