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Tax and Social Security

Equality Trust Response to IPPR Commission on Economic Justice

The Equality Trust has responded to the IPPR's report on economic justice, published today. The report noted the UK's high levels of inequality and called for fairer taxation and redistribution of wealth. Dr. Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director of The Equality Trust, said:

"As this report shows the UK is one of the most unequal countries outside of the developing world. The majority of people are benefiting very little from an economic system that has perpetuated the grotesque levels of inequality damaging our society.

7.5 Million Households at Risk of Falling into Debt Due to Universal Credit

Over 7.5 million households could fall into debt while waiting for Universal Credit payments, should they lose their jobs or become too ill to work, according to new research from The Equality Trust. 

Those applying for Universal Credit face a six week delay before they receive their first payment, but over 45 per cent of non-retired households have too little saved to pay for six weeks’ worth of household bills,[1] the research finds. 

Almost four-fifths (79 per cent) of single parent households have less than six weeks’ worth of savings. 


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