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Support for Low Paid Isn't Enough, We Need Inequality Reduction Strategy

The Equality Trust has responded to today's report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on their updated minimum income standard. The report finds that despite an above-inflation increase in the “national living wage”, low-income families are falling further behind a minimum income standard - which acts as a barometer of living standards for households on low incomes

Dr. Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director of The Equality Trust, said: 

Equality Trust Response to Social Mobility Commission Report on Social Mobility

A report published today by the Social Mobility Commission has laid bare the worrying lack of social mobility in the UK. It concluded that “Britain has a deep social mobility problem which is getting worse for an entire generation of young people” and suggested barriers to social mobility include an “unfair” education system, unaffordable housing and a two-tier labour market divided between a prosperous middle class and those below on it on low-paid, intermittent or insecure employment.


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