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Walking the Tightrope -cSavings and Debt Inequality in Great Britain

Many households earn too little to both pay for basic necessities, and to save for an uncertain future, despite working full time. Over a third of households now owe more in debt that they have saved, and millions more face falling into trouble in the event of a financial shock they cannot avoid. 

Our latest briefing note, Walking the Tightrope, our analysis finds that: 

A House Divided - How Unaffordable Housing Drives UK Inequality

The country's housing crisis is known to us all, not least because so many of us suffer from its effects. Poor quality accommodation, high rents and a lack of affordable homes to buy have a real impact on people's lives. But housing also drives the UK's extreme levels of inequality too.

The Equality Trust's latest briefing note A House Divided - How Unaffordable Housing Drives UK Inequality shows the scale of housing inequality, and the chronic lack of affordability of housing for many people. Our analysis finds that:

UK Taxation - Unfair and Unclear

While the UK's benefits system is progressive, our tax system places a disproportionately heavy burden on the poorest when compared to the richest, exacerbating the UK's already extreme levels of inequality. 

Our briefing note analyses data from the Office for National Statistics, Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income publication to find that: