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The Authors Respond to Questions About The Spirit Level's Analysis

Richard and Kate: "It was inevitable that these attacks would appear sooner or later. But it is important that people are aware of how ill-founded and easily rebuffed they are. That three sustained attacks from those opposed to greater equality can be dealt with in relative ease should increase our confidence in the case for a more equal society."

Kate Pickett & Richard Wilkinson, July 2010


Among Equals - Spring 2015

The latest issue of Among Equals, the biannual campaign update from the Equality Trust, is now out. Download the pdf here, and please support our campaign by forwarding this email to friends. 

With the General Election results now in, this edition draws on key voices on inequality to give their one idea for how the new government, and all other political parties, should address the UK’s extreme inequality.

This issue includes:

Taken for a Ride - How UK public transport subsidies entrench inequality

Public transport is a significant and escalating cost for many people. But while transport may be a drain on the finances of some, for others the cost is far more debilitating. This matters, as it means the poorest in society are unable to travel as far or as often, limiting their ability to compete with the better off for jobs and decent pay. This report reveals how this inequality is embedded within our transport system through government subsidies, further increasing overall economic inequality.

Our report finds that: