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The Cost of Inequality

This briefing note uses quantitative analysis to explain how the social and economic impact of inequality costs the UK the equivalent over £39 billion every year.  

The UK has the second highest level of inequality of the developed OECD countries. The report estimates that if inequality was reduced to the average level seen in these countries, the UK could expect to:

Unfair and Unclear: The Effects and Perceptions of the UK Tax System

Tax has long been an important area of public and political debate in the UK. Who pays what, who avoids tax, and whether tax is ‘fair’ are questions that are regularly tackled in our press and in Parliament. But much of this debate is based upon a reductive and misleading account of tax. In Unfair and Unclear The Equality Trust releases new polling showing public perceptions and preferences for the UK tax system and new analysis which show how these differ from reality.

Wealth Tracker 2015

This report aims to make sense of the huge increase in wealth of the richest in society by providing comparisons with recognisable household items and bills.

It finds that this year that the richest 1000 people have more wealth than the poorest 40% of households, and the richest 100 have over £100bn more wealth than the poorest 30% of households. The 100 richest saw their wealth increase by £40.1 billion last year, the equivalent of £109.95 million a day, or £1,272 a second.

The report explains that this increase in wealth of £40.1 billion could: