Because more equal societies work better for everyone


Our new infographic on the National Minimum Wage, showing how it has increased compared to FTSE 100 CEO pay. Please share using the options at the bottom of this page.
This infographic originally appeared in the New Statesman's Staggers Blog. Here's an updated version with social mobility data added in.
Please ask your MP to support our Inequality Test, an explicit commitment that the net impact of their manifesto policies will be to reduce the gap between the richest and the rest.
Over the past 30 years, income inequality in the UK has grown at an alarming rate. This infographic shows the extent of this inequality, and how most people would be better off today if we lived in a more equal society.
This documentary, called The Great Leveller, was made for the Channel 4 Equinox series and first screened in 1996 to coincide with the publication of Richard Wilkinson's book Unhealthy Societies: the afflictions of inequality (Routledge 19
Andrew Berg, International Monetary Fund, discusses how greater levels of inequality can prevent people from investing in their education
Max Hastings, Historian, discusses how corporations paying less than their fair share of tax are getting a free-ride.
Max Hastings, Historian, says we should 'call the bluff' of those tax avoiders who threaten to leave the UK.
Anthony Appiah, Philosopher, on the need to prevent the 'capture' of political institutions by the rich.
Behavioural Economist, Cornell University, on the pressures of 'keeping up' in more unequal countries.


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