Priya Lukka

Priya Lukka is an economist in international development committed to looking at the neocolonial reasons that poverty still exists in a world abundant with resources. She has worked with government policymakers, civil society organisations, social movements and international development agencies throughout the world, from a position as funder, policy advocate, advisor, programme manager and co-developer of knowledge including the UN, The Wellcome Trust and DfID.

James Jennion

James is a Specialist for the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, where he manages inquiries into the Government’s foreign policy. Originally from Warrington, he studied at the University of Leeds before moving to London in 2018 to start working in Westminster. Besides Parliament and the Equality Trust, James founded and runs Out of London, a social equality scheme intended to get more working class non-Londoners into international relations and development.

Loveday Shewell

Loveday Shewell is an accountant, working until recently as an independent advisor to on strategic planning, financial and general management mostly in the contemporary visual arts.  Projects included the management of change and board development in the voluntary sector as well as planning and feasibility of buildings for the arts. She is Trustee and Treasurer of a number of charities, including Quaker Social Action, Engage (the National Association for Gallery Education) and London West Area Quaker Meeting.  

George Weyman

George Weyman advises on strategy and digital transformation at the British Red Cross. A Clore Leadership Fellow (2015/16), George is chair of The Cambridge Commons, a local group campaigning on inequality. He supported the development of imagine2027 - a talk series by national thought leaders developing their vision of a fairer future for the UK. 

Fran Darlington-Pollock

Fran Darlington-Pollock is a Lecturer in Population Geography in the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Liverpool. As a population and health geographer, Fran’s research focusses on understanding inequality in society, with a particular interest in marginalised populations and transitions over the life course.