What We Do: We Campaign. We Catalyse. We Co-operate

The Equality Trust is a registered charity that works to improve the quality of life in the UK by reducing economic and social inequality. This is what we do:

WE CAMPAIGN for changes that will have significant impact in reducing inequality and advocate a range of policies that can reduce inequality at a national, local and individual level. 
We are campaigning for a fairer, more democratic economy by promoting our Ownership Charter in favour of greater employee ownership. We are also campaigning for the implementation of the Socio-Economic Duty (Section 1 of The Equality Act 2010) to be brought into force, as well as for top-to-bottom pay ratio disclosure to become normalised for UK employers. We are calling for a governmental Inequality Reduction Strategy and an independent Commission on Wealth. We campaign vigorously for the proper progressive taxation of income and wealth and for decent social security provision, including the reform of Universal Credit. At national and local elections, we influence party manifestos through our supporters and local groups and provide opportunities for people to lobby their elected representatives for specific changes that would reduce inequality.

WE CATALYSE the work of the public by informing individuals and local groups about the damage inequality does and then support and empower them to take action to address it.
We facilitate action by a network of local activist groups across the UK and invite our individual supporters to take action by lobbying their MPs, their councillors and local businesses as well as taking action to highlight the issues of inequality and poverty where they live. We provide a campaign pack (online and in print) and produce manifestos that allow people to take action at a national, local and individual level. We provide regular commentaries and responses to the major inequality issues of the day, informed by the best and latest data and research available, and share them widely on social media and by regular communications with our supporters and local groups. We also run a speaker network and regularly deliver talks to schools, colleges and universities as well as businesses, trade unions and other organisations. We are invited to comment regularly in the media on matters relating to inequality.

WE CO-OPERATE with organisations and groups from across our society including businesses, trade unions, charities and others to prioritise inequality reduction. 
We are the UK and European convener of the global Fight Inequality Alliance and are the co-secretariat (with the Child Action Poverty Group) for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty. Our Executive Director is a Commissioner on the National Union of Students’ Poverty Commission, a trustee of the Equality & Diversity Forum, Schools OUT UK, Gingerbread and a member of the Sheila McKechnie Social Change Advisory Group and the UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development steering group. The Equality Trust is a member of the Green Economy Coalition. We also run an affiliate programme for organisations that want to work closely with us on understanding and tackling inequality.

If you want to get involved, you can:

DONATE to help us do more. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to sustain and develop our work.
ACT to tackle inequality where you live by joining or forming a local group. Local group work is vital to our campaign.
AFFILIATE your organisation to our affiliate programme to have a closer working relationship with us.
FUNDRAISE for us to give us more secure, longer term income. 

Thank you for your support.
The Equality Trust.