Calculate your potential lifetime earnings loss

What could be your potential lifetime earnings loss as a result of the gender pay gap?

Our new calculator provides you with an estimate of just how much women working in UK companies with more than 250 employees, could lose, over 45 years of working life - your potential lifetime earnings loss. 

Simply input your salary and company into our calculator to see how much you could lose over a lifetime of work as a result of your company's gender pay gap (as reported under the gender pay reporting duty).

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This tool is intended to indicate a potential loss based on the most recent figures provided under the gender pay gap regulations. Our potential lifetime loss estimate is calculated on the basis of the gender pay gap as a percentage x working years (45) x salary. If a bonus is also entered then we have added the gender bonus gap as a percentage x working years (45) x bonus. If the bonus gap percentage is zero or less, or if the person does not enter a bonus figure, we don't include the bonus part of the calculation above. Of course there are companies that have a positive pay gap, where women are paid more than men.

Therefore, for a company with a gender pay gap of 7.7% and a gender bonus gap of 23.7%, and a woman earning a £10k salary and £20k bonus, the equation would be as follows:

45 × (10,000 × 7.7÷100 + 20,000 × 23.7÷100) = estimated potential loss of £247,950

Our estimation of the day in the year after which women effectively cease to be paid is calculated using the equation:

365 (days in the year) × (100 - gender pay gap as a percentage) ÷ 100

Therefore, if the pay gap is 25%, a woman starts working for free after 365 × (100-25) ÷ 100 = 274 days (rounded) from the beginning of the year (1st January), which is 2nd October.