Campaign updates

Highlights from our 50th anniversary conference
June 2020

In case you missed it, or want to watch it back, the full conference (with British Sign Language) can be found on our YouTube channel. We've also created a playlist, containing separate videos of each speaker for easy sharing and playback.

Hear the stories of 50 women to mark 50 years of the Equal Pay Act
May 2020

We've brought together stories, videos and images of women workers across sectors, pay grade, age, and experience to mark 50 years since the Equal Pay Act 1970 was passed.

Hear the stories of 50 incredible women on our brand new website.

#EqualPay50 seminar series: Making equal and fair pay a reality
December 2019

As part of our campaign to make equal pay a key issue on the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Equal Pay Act, we are working with a number of universities to run equal pay seminars. Watch the video below to see what happened at our recent seminar at Leeds University, featuring speakers and contributors from academia, law, business, the trade union movement and equality organisations, each providing insight into the context of unequal pay and strategies that have been successful.

Find out about upcoming events and how to organise a conference in your area. 

Banknotes for Women: London mobilisation
November 2019

The Equality Trust and a number of brilliant activists staged a public act of resistance outside some of London's biggest businesses by handing out roses to hundreds of women to mark the fact that many will be effectively "working for free" for the remainder of year.