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The Equality Trust works with numerous affiliated local groups up and down the UK and across the world, carrying out awareness-raising and campaigning work to reduce economic inequality.

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We have always believed that to reduce economic inequality, a social movement demanding change is necessary. Local groups play an absolutely vital role in making that movement a reality. In their own words, here's why some of our excellent local group members got involved:

​“More than anything, The Equality Trust ignites and fosters the realisation that, even alongside the everyday demands of life and work, we can have a real and meaningful effect on our local area, and as part of a greater nationwide movement for a fairer society.  Our relationship with the Trust has shown us that a great deal can be achieved, not through time or money, but with simply the motivation to make change happen.”  - Adam, Colchester Equality

"The reason for being a member is simply that we have such institutional and ingrained inequality in Britain and elsewhere today and Equality North West and The Equality Trust provide opportunities to work against such a pernicious situation. I get to spend time working with fundamentally decent human beings who aren’t entirely motivated by their own self-interest and I do it because it makes a difference."  - Various members of Equality North West

"You've got to be a passionate person and believe that you can make a difference. I feel I'm educating people about inequality. Despite frustrations I feel I'm achieving something when I talk to people on the stall, even if I change just one person's view."  - Pam, Bromley Income Equality Group

If you would like to campaign for greater equality in your local area or region and are interested in doing so with other like-minded people, please get in touch with our Supporters & Affiliated Local Groups Manager, Bill Kerry, at and he will put you in touch with other active supporters in your area.


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