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Pay Ratios

Our brand new Pay Tracker report reveals that CEOs in the UK’s top 100 companies now pocket an average of £5.3m each year, or 386 times that of a worker earning the National Living Wage.
With increased support for private sector pay ratio reporting now coming from the likes of major investors such as Legal & General and the Investment Association, Stuart Hill of Pay Compare - - argues in thi
It is good news that the EU is now looking at using pay ratios (£) to rein in excessive executive pay.
It's a tough ask for 2016 to defend its growing reputation as 'the worst year ever', with the death of several much-loved stars and (for some people) the shock of two popular votes defying the political polls.
Following a successful event at the Labour Party Conference, The Equality Trust continued the debate on fair pay in the public sector at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.  Our speakers included Will Hutton (author of the
Today, we are launching a petition to call on the Government to introduce mandatory pay ratio reporting in the private sector. The private sector is where we have the largest pay gaps. Too many of our larger companies are paying excessive salaries at the top and poverty pay at the bottom.
Saturday 18th June saw the latest annual gathering of local equality groups affiliated to The Equality Trust. The main focus for the day was about how local action can tackle inequality in a direct and practical way. 
This morning the House of Commons Select Committee on Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy reported on its inquiry into corporate governance in the UK.
The Financial Times reported today that Theresa May’s plans to require companies to publish the pay ratio between CEOs and average workers have hit a ‘snag’.

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