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While the UK's benefits system is progressive, our tax system places a disproportionately heavy burden on the poorest when compared to the richest, exacerbating the UK's already extreme levels of inequality. 
Britain’s poorest working parents lose more of their earnings through taxes and social security withdrawal than the richest 1 per cent, and should be allowed to keep more of the money they earn.
Public transport is a significant and escalating cost for many people. But while transport may be a drain on the finances of some, for others the cost is far more debilitating.
The latest issue of Among Equals, the biannual campaign update from the Equality Trust, is now out. Download the pdf here, and please support our campaign by forwarding this email to friends. 
The Equality Trust has today published its annual Wealth Tracker. It aims to make sense of the huge increase in wealth of the richest in society by providing comparisons with recognisable household items and bills. 
This newsletter provides a brief review of organisational change and projects over the last six months
When economic growth and wealth is talked about, a simple story has taken root– London is rich, and our other regions are poor. But is this true?
The value of government contracts handed to the private sector has increased dramatically over the last five years and is likely to continue growing at a rapid pace.
Tax has long been an important area of public and political debate in the UK. Who pays what, who avoids tax, and whether tax is ‘fair’ are questions that are regularly tackled in our press and in Parliament. But much of this debate is based upon a reductive and misleading account of tax.
The Equality Trust's report, Course Correction: The Pre-Distributive Case for the 50p Top Income Tax Rate, explores the relationship between top personal income tax rates, economic growth, and economic inequality.  It aims to identify whether, and how, top income tax rates are related to economic


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