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We were pleased to be invited recently to make a submission to the IPPR's consultation on wealth and ownership as part of their ongoing Commission on Economic Justice.​ Our submission 
We were pleased to make a written submission in response to the recent call for evidence from the House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement.
The Equality Trust was recently invited to recommend policies for the Labour Party and our submission can be read here on the website of the Progressive Economics Group. 
With the UK General Election set for 8 June, The Equality Trust has developed our Manifesto for a Fairer Society, calling for fair work, fair tax, fair chances and a fair deal for families right across our nation.
The Equality Trust has today published its annual Wealth Tracker, analysing the extreme wealth of Britain's richest people.
Our brand new Pay Tracker report reveals that CEOs in the UK’s top 100 companies now pocket an average of £5.3m each year, or 386 times that of a worker earning the National Living Wage.
We are proud to launch our new activist pack: Inequality Is Not Inevitable.
Many households earn too little to pay for basic necessities, and to save for an uncertain future. Over a third of households now owe more in debt that they have saved, and millions more face falling into trouble in the event of a financial shock they cannot avoid.
The country's housing crisis is known to us all, not least because so many of us suffer from its effects. Poor quality accommodation, high rents and a lack of affordable homes to buy have a real impact on people's lives. But housing also drives the UK's extreme levels of inequality too.
While the UK's benefits system is progressive, our tax system places a disproportionately heavy burden on the poorest when compared to the richest, exacerbating the UK's already extreme levels of inequality. 


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