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Unequal Pay - ‘The Place Where Pay Discrimination is Hiding’: A Report by The Equality Trust into Unlawful Pay Discrimination

Friday 29th May is the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Equal Pay Act 1970. Yet, as recent high profile cases have shown, unlawful unequal pay, more appropriately known as pay discrimination, remains endemic. This report seeks to answer the question of whether gender pay and bonus gap reporting is contributing to the elimination of, or at least the reduction in, practices that contribute to unlawful pay discrimination.

Finance development, not dividends: Challenging the rise of public-private partnerships

We’re pleased to announce our new briefing Finance development, not dividends: Challenging the rise of public-private partnerships.

What's the issue?

The use of private financing for public services has rapidly grown over the past 25 years, in both the global north and global south, with governments increasingly choosing private investment in infrastructure as a means of keeping down debt.