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Income Inequality

Small But Real Progress on Inequality But For How Long?

Today brings some good news from the Office for National Statistics. Average income is rising, most people were better off last year than they were the year before and are better off now than they were before the financial crisis. At the same time it looks like income inequality is falling, it is lower now than it was directly following the recession and that was less than it was before the financial crisis.

Bothered about social mobility? Then worry about equality, too

In a world of ‘social mobility’, your prospects in life should not be determined by how your parents did.  It’s a close relative of ‘equality of life chances’: that every child, regardless of background, deserves a fair go.  Theresa May has made the promotion of these core aims of her premiership.  But both ideas have the quirky quality of being accepted – in lip service at least – quite evenly across the political spectrum.  They reflect widely shared intuitions about fa


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