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Income Inequality

The Equality Trust in the Guardian's letters page.
New figures from the ONS have shown that when measuring disposable household income, inequality has risen since last year.
'Inequality: politicians have to engage openly with the income gap'.
When asked for their thoughts on what different household income groups should pay in all types of taxes, the UK public overwhelmingly favours a more progressive tax system than that which currently exists; according to new research by the Equality Trust.
The Equality Trust's Course Correction - The pre-distributive case for the 50p top income tax rate, explores the relationship between top personal income tax rates, economic growth, and economic ine
Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson have commented in the Independent on the 25 year gap between the life expectancy of rich and poor Londoners.
Our statistics were featured in the Daily Mirror, where we noted that a minimum wage worker would need to work over 390 years to earn just one year's salary for a FTSE 100 CEO
Time: 7 - 8.15pm. Date: 17 June, 2014. Venue: Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JL. Speakers include:
The Equality Trust statistics appeared in a Daily Mirror article revealing 'someone on the updated national living wage of £7.65 a hour would still need to work for 311 years to earn the average annual wage of FTSE 100 boss.' The article also included comment from The Equality Trust's Duncan Exle
Responding to David Cameron's speech to Conservative paty conference, Duncan Exley, Director of the Equality Trust, said:


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