Our Affiliates

We are delighted that the following organisations have chosen to affiliate with us in order to support our work. If you want to join our campaign for a fairer, better society by affiliating your organisation with us, we would love to hear from you. Full details about our affiliation programme can be found here.

The Diocese of Sheffield is made up of Church of England organisations located throughout South Yorkshire and the southern parts of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

equitysport is a UK-based sports development charity that exists to tackle socioeconomic inequality and level the playing field in global sport, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

PCN Britain is a membership organisation, with over 60 groups across the UK, serving to promote a progressive understanding of the Christian faith, rooted in the teachings of Jesus and working for a more compassionate and just society, the kingdom of God on earth.

Hayachi Services Limited is an IT Consultancy specialising in the Legal IT Sector.

Social Tech Trust’s vision is a world where social transformation is the driving force behind tech. We're a leading tech-focused charity and over the last decade we’ve invested over £30m and supported more than 750 socially motivated tech initiatives in the UK. 

Finch Accountancy - providing an affordable tax and accountancy service to the smallest owner-managed businesses.

Unitarianism is an open-minded and welcoming approach to faith that encourages individual freedom, equality for all and rational thought. There is no list of things that Unitarians must believe: instead we think everyone has the right to reach their own conclusions.

BOP Consulting (Burns Owens Partnership Ltd) are an international consultancy specialising in culture and the creative economy.

Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) is a grassroots charity that was formed 14 years ago. We are a voluntary coalition of people from all walks of life who work to campaign against human trafficking, oppression, and the enslavement of people that exists in our own community.

Opening opportunities with connected thinking. Mott MacDonald is a US$2bn engineering, management and development consultancy.